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// TODO : should remove this when not needed

// used for plugging into the rewrite module (taken from the rewrite module)

00009 typedef struct {
    ngx_array_t  *codes;        /* uintptr_t */
    ngx_uint_t    stack_size;
    ngx_flag_t    log;
    ngx_flag_t    uninitialized_variable_warn;
} ndk_http_rewrite_loc_conf_t;

extern  ngx_module_t    ngx_http_rewrite_module;
extern  uintptr_t       ndk_http_script_exit_code;

char *      ndk_http_rewrite_value      (ngx_conf_t *cf, ndk_http_rewrite_loc_conf_t *lcf,
                                            ngx_str_t *value);
ngx_int_t   ndk_http_rewrite_var        (ngx_http_request_t *r, 
                                            ngx_http_variable_value_t *v, uintptr_t data);

#define     ndk_http_script_exit  (u_char *) &ndk_http_script_exit_code

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