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 * Copyright (C) Igor Sysoev


#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>

00015 typedef struct {
    time_t      sec;
    ngx_uint_t  msec;
    ngx_int_t   gmtoff;
} ngx_time_t;

void ngx_time_init(void);
void ngx_time_update(void);
void ngx_time_sigsafe_update(void);
u_char *ngx_http_time(u_char *buf, time_t t);
u_char *ngx_http_cookie_time(u_char *buf, time_t t);
void ngx_gmtime(time_t t, ngx_tm_t *tp);

time_t ngx_next_time(time_t when);
#define ngx_next_time_n      "mktime()"

extern volatile ngx_time_t  *ngx_cached_time;

#define ngx_time()           ngx_cached_time->sec
#define ngx_timeofday()      (ngx_time_t *) ngx_cached_time

extern volatile ngx_str_t    ngx_cached_err_log_time;
extern volatile ngx_str_t    ngx_cached_http_time;
extern volatile ngx_str_t    ngx_cached_http_log_time;
extern volatile ngx_str_t    ngx_cached_http_log_iso8601;

 * milliseconds elapsed since epoch and truncated to ngx_msec_t,
 * used in event timers
extern volatile ngx_msec_t  ngx_current_msec;

#endif /* _NGX_TIMES_H_INCLUDED_ */

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